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The amateur photographer.

I’m standing there, behind that corner. My weapon between my hands, waiting for you to turn around that corner so I can shoot you. You, that innocent human walking on the streets of Paris. You sense the dark cold lense, the silent motors grinding and the high performance Auto-Focus chip trying to create a clear reflection of you on that M4/3 sensor.
And snap! There is the sound of shutter freezing time and keeping you young forever. Isn’t that what you want? Never get to loose your beautiful hair, your fresh skin and your health. But that not what it is about, is it?
But then I look at that picture, that doesn’t look like what I saw through the viewfinder. It’s so lifeless, no breeze, no changing expression on the faces. Did I just killed these people?
I still don’t understand all those dials on my camera, that ON/OFF button have to be switched. From now on, I will only take a picture of lifeless objects…